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Nov 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
thoughts and prayers are with him and holly. abc news, new york. >>> hundreds of u.s. veterans will join san francisco veteran's day parade tomorrow. if you want to go here's what you need to know. the parade will march wad civic center plaza. market street will be closed off several hours in the morning. this will be san francisco's 93rd veteran's day parade. ahead, music to the ears of a world war ii veteran. ♪. >> coming up, his standing ovation, some six decades in the making. also, signs of progress and growing anger from the hurricane zone. we will check on the recovery from hurricane sandy. >> this is abc7 news. >> the occupy movement has become an effective organizer in helping with hurricane sandy relief. they have been credited with helping them deliver aid to damaged parts of new york. power is back on for nearly all of new york. however, much of long island remains in the dark. 146,000 customers have no power tonight. governor blames the long island power authority. he's threatened to pull the company's operating license. people who remain in the dark say life is a little c
Nov 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
. their father and his wife. >>> a flash fire broke out inside u.s. state department today, injuring four people, one critically. officials say the fire started in the ductwork. workers were able to put out the fire before firefighters arrived. there were few federal employees the building because of the holiday weekend. >> right now building inspectors in massachusetts are trying to dherm extent of the damage caused by an explosion. the blast destroyed a strip club friday in springfield and 41 other buildings. it injured 18 people, including some first responders. the blast was an our after gas company workers were called in to investigate a gas leak. you can see the remains of the site today. people say they were terrified when it happened. >> the end of the world. i just seen everybody running with their kids, and the glass shattered. very scary. >> we were thrown into the yard. we were trying to run away. the floor came up. just like a little tidal wave. >> the entire entertainment district is closed off while inspectors demeanor how safe the buildings are. >> ama: president barack obama and
Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm PST
being would republicans regain control of the u.s. senate? that's what this has been about from the beginning. this was probably their best opportunity to do this. with 23 democratic targets, now the big question, will democrats actually gain seats? right now democrats are up two seats. now there are two seats we are watching -- two races we're watching, north dakota and montana where republicans could pick up seats, but it's looking like democrats have a chance of either breaking even or actually gaining a senate seat. >> when you talk about the gains where are you putting angus king, the independent from maine. >> i am putting angus king, self-described independent firmly in the democratic camp. he will almost certainly caucus with democrats in the senate. that's why democrats kind of below the surface did everything they could to help him win. >> jon karl, when you take a look at the big picture of the house, which we know -- when you go to the sfwhat what are we learning about the tea party tonight? the tea party fervor caused such a cataclysmic difference in 2010. >> well,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3